President - Aaron Lam


VP of Events - Tim Huang

VP of Administration - Djordje Basta 

VP of Communication - Alice Gao 

VP of Finance - Henry Guo

Mentorship Coordinator - Jason Zhang

Events Coordinator - Selina Chen

Events Coordinator  - Stephen Brock  

Events Coordinator - Ryan Yang

​Events Coordinator - Ketan Kalia

Publicity Director - Alice Leung

Publicity Director - Mary Xing

Website Manager - Daniel Yan

Newsletter Editor - Maya Perelman 


​   My name is Aaron Lam, and I will be the President for the Spring 2017 term. I am currently in my 4A term pursuing a degree in Statistics and Actuarial Science with the Finance Option. In previous terms, I’ve been a member of the club as VP of Events and VP of Finance. In terms of professional experience, I’ve had two roles at Manulife, one in Waterloo and one in Toronto. More recently, I worked at PartnerRe (formerly Aurigen) on the US Valuation team. I’ve passed 4 exams, and will be looking to pass C, my final preliminary exam in June. I enjoy going to the gym, and playing League of Legends in my free time.

    I’ve had a lot of fun as a member of the Actsci Club, and I can say I’ve made a lot of connections and have a lot of great experiences to remember it by. I hope to extend this experience to everyone in the spring term, to make people passionate about the actuarial industry, and to give people new to the field opportunities to learn and increase their own knowledge. Look forward to upcoming events to expand your network, and to grow your actuarial expertise!
Hi, I'm Tim and I'm in my 4A term studying 3 majors:
ActSci, CS, and Stats. Yes, it's pretty intense studying all this at once but I've already made it so far so no point stopping now. My favorite TV show is The Flash because super speed is my favorite super power. I really enjoy running and playing piano. I wouldn't consider myself a great runner because I don't get to run as often as I like. This is either because I'm busy or I'm lazy (or the combination of the two). I plan on running a half-marathon one day soon after I graduate!
Out of all the foods I could ever imagine consuming, the greatest would have to be a social tea biscuit. I love ActSci because of the office we get.

"A stick"
Hi everyone, I’m Alice, your VP Communications for Spring 2017! I’m currently in 2B Actuarial Science and Statistics, and this is my second term as an Exec in ActSci Club. Some interesting facts about myself would be that I was in Air Cadets for five years and have gone on survival exercises. I also really enjoy playing instruments during my free time. Throughout this term, I will be updating everyone on the upcoming events, so feel free to drop by during office hours if you have any questions, or just to hang out!
Hi! My favourite food is probably something I shouldn’t be eating. I enjoy gazing up into the night sky and watching the stars. It's humbling knowing just how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things. Your fitness goals are like asymptotes; you approach but never reach them!
Hello fellow actuarial scientists! My name is Jason and I'm glad to be your mentorship coordinator for this exciting term. I am currently studying for my fourth term in waterloo after working at TD Insurance. My motivation for pursuing actuarial sciences comes from the dream that one day, I'll be able to claim anything that I want with enough confidence (95% to be exact). I can't wait to meet you guys throughout the numerous events we have in store this semester. Have fun!
Hey there! I am a fourth year math/business student
majoring in statistics and marketing. I love all noodlerelated food (e.g. pasta, pad thai, pho) and hate brussels sprouts. I am in ActSci because I was good at math back in high school.

“How do you differentiate an actuary?” “d/dx(actuary)”
I am a 2B Computer Science student. I like actuarial
science because of the challenge and feeling of
progression. My hobbies include playing ultimate
Frisbee, working out, and hiking. My educational
goal is to major in Data Science and to become an
actuary. Fun fact, I can recite the first 100 digits of pi.
My name is Ryan Yang, and I am currently in my 3B term of Actuarial Science major. Favourite food would be fried chicken. Favourite TV Show: Arrested Development, the Office, House of Cards and Parks and Recreation. I like ActSci because I love writing exams.
My name is Ketan Kalia I am currently an AFM off-term student. Aside from studying I like going to the gym, watching a lot of T.V shows and hanging out with my friends (however little I have). I like ActSci because I love math and business and I love the challenges of ActSci. 

“e ^ (pi*i)+ 1 is the most beautiful thing in math, but I don’t remember being in it”
I'm in 2B CS and Stats while doing act sci co-ops because I'm not sure what to do with my life yet. This is my third time being an executive on act sci club and I've always had so much fun! This term, I'm one of the Publicity Directors. I like doing Pilates and studying at DC so come say hi to me during office hours or
at group study in DC basement.

Hey everyone! My name is Mary, and I'm in my 2B term studying Actuarial Science and Statistics. I'm a huge fan of fries, kbbq, and anything matcha! This is my first time being on the exec team and I'm super excited to be keeping everyone updated on all the amazing events we have planned for this term. If you
have any questions, feel free to approach me or drop by my office hours!
Hey I am a second year ActSci and CS student. Why do I love ActSci? Because ActSci is fun!!! Ha ha ha....

"Poutine is love poutine is life"
Hey guys! I'm in my 2A term of ActSci and Stats. I chose ActSci because I didn't feel like doing any physics in university. Favourite food is probably coffee because I can’t live without it.

"Let epsilon < 0"