President - Mindy Lin


VP of Events - Angel Yang

VP of Finance - Ferran Xu 

VP of Administration - Djordje Basta 

VP of Communication - Annie Deng 

Mentorship Coordinators - Carlo Lahura, Nancy Yang

Events Coordinators - Brian Lee, Veronica Li, Sabrina Tan

Publicity Directors - Shawn Sui, Monica Lee 

Newsletter Editor - Austin Zhang 

Website Manager - Jasper Zhu 


I am currently in my 2B term double-majoring in Actuarial Science and Statistics. Aside from studying for exams, I love jamming, traveling, and trying out different restaurants with friends. I also love ballet and playing the piano.

I am currently in my 2B term studying ActSci with Finance Option and Statistics. I chose ActSci because I love statistics and my favourite food is...everything. Literally. Like everything. 

"Austin stole my joke. Great minds really do think alike."
Hi everyone! 

Currently in 2B, came to ActSci because I am dead inside after second year, so why not? Gonna give up my GPA for adoption because I can't raise it myself...My favourite food is ice cream!
Out of all the foods I could ever imagine consuming, the greatest would have to be the social tea biscuit. I love ActSci Club because of the office we get. 

"What's brown and sticky?" 
"The rest of this joke is left as an exercise for the reader."
Hello! I am in my 2B term doing a double major in Actuarial Science and Financial Analysis and Risk Management. I love math and business, which lead me to choose my two majors. 

"Did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off? He's all right now
Hi, I'm Carlo and I am in my 4B term and I ABSOLUTELY love pancakes. I also love ActSci as much as I love the $$$. 

"What do you call a snake that's 3.14 meters long?"
"A pi-thon!"
Hello, my name is Nancy. I'm in my last year of studying actuarial science, so I will be out of here soon. I love ActSci because of all the cool people I have met in the industry. My favourite food is the honey butter chip. 

"What colour is the wind?"
Hi! I'm in my 3B term. My favourite food is Hawaiin pizza and I love snacking. Frozen fruit is the go-to for late night munchies. I'm also all about EDM and festivals like UDF. I love ActSci's mixture of business and math. 

"What is sin over tan?" 
"Just cos."
Hi, I'm Veronica, a third year ActSci and Stats student. I love corn chips and mangoes! If you give me mangoes, I'll let you play with my dog. ActSci people are the funniest and nicest people in the world. 

Honeydew: "Hi, I honeydew."
Cantaloupe: "But I can't elope."
Hello, I'm Sabrina and I am in my 1B term and my favourite food is sushi. I love ActSci for the challenges it presents and the fact there's always something new to learn. I also love the feeling of passing an exam. 

"If you're cold, just go to a corner; it's always 90 degrees!"
I'm in my 1B term and my favourite combo is fruit with cold caramel macchiatos (with almond milk). What I love about ActSci is the endless stream of exams! 

"A joke? Ugh I'm not funny!"

I am also in 1B. I cannot go without my Buddha bowls and green tea lattes! I love ActSci because not many people know about it, and that makes me feel mysterious. 

"I want to make a joke about sodium...but Na!"
I am in my 2B term of Actuarial Science. I love ActSci because of the wide variety of applications. My favrouite food? Anything from MCDonald's. 

Hey, I'm in my 1B term. Honestly, my favourite foods are any dishes that have Asian noodles. My favourite thing about ActSci? Dave Kohler and his final exam. 

"A wild e^x appeared! 
 It used differentiate...
 But nothing happened!"