President - Alice Gao


VP of Events - Jasper Zhu

VP of Administration - Mary Xing

VP of Communication - Sabrina Tan

VP of Finance - Angel Yang

Mentorship Coordinator - Patricia Xu

Mentorship Coordinator - Grace Kabwe

Events Coordinator - Veronica Li

Events Coordinator  - Michael de Jesus

Events Coordinator - Emmy Li

​Newsletter Editor - Jabir Zaman

Publicity Director - Tiger Xing

Publicity Director - Daniel Fagan

Website Manager - Ryan Lu


​   Hi Everyone, I’m Alice and I’ll be the president of ActSci Club for the Fall 2017 term. Currently, I’m in my 3A term working towards an Actuarial Science and Statistics double major. As of now, I’ve passed two preliminary exams, P and FM, and planning to sit for MFE in March of the coming year. Throughout my last two years at Waterloo, I’ve been involved with the ActSci Club consistently, starting off as just a regular member and then taking on the roles of Publicity Director, Vice-President of Communications and now, President. ActSci Club was where I met some of my closest friends and the place that allowed me to really start to get to know the industry. This is also what motivated me to become and executive for the club and to start helping out the younger students myself. I hope that for those of you who are reading the newsletter right now, your experience with ActSci Club will be as positive as mine! We will be hosting events almost every week this term so please keep an eye out for updates on the Facebook group and Club website. Office hours have also been posted, so feel free to come visit us if you have any questions or just to get to know us! Lastly, although the journey of becoming an actuary is not an easy one, always keep a study/life balance and remember to have fun along the way!

    I’ve had a lot of fun as a member of the Actsci Club, and I can say I’ve made a lot of connections and have a lot of great experiences to remember it by. I hope to extend this experience to everyone in the spring term, to make people passionate about the actuarial industry, and to give people new to the field opportunities to learn and increase their own knowledge. Look forward to upcoming events to expand your network, and to grow your actuarial expertise!
I’m currently in my 2A term, and though I’m currently undeclared, I plan to pursue a double major of actuarial science and statistics. I joined the club in my first term to learn more about the industry, but I’ve stayed because of the people I met through the club. Want to hear a bad math joke? Of course you do. “Why do they never serve beer at a math party?” “Because you can’t drink and dervice.”
Hey everyone, I'm in my 3A term and I chose ActSci because I love writing exams! I’m a huge fan of fries, kbbq, and anything matcha. "I hit the gym today but drove back home because I don't have car insurance"
I’m Sabrina, I’m a 2B student in Actuarial Science. I like hiking, being active in general, and trying new foods. I joined ActSci club because of all the great, likeminded people you get to meet. What I like about ActSci is how there’s always a very concrete way to improve yourself (exams). “If you’re cold, you should go to a corner, it’s always 90 degrees!” Fun fact: I used that quote a year ago.
My name is Angel Yang, a 3A Actsci student. I was told that I need to write something funny but I'm too lazy to think of an original joke, so here is a joke I stole from Jasper and Veronica judges me for it. "Why don't we serve beer at Actsci Club?" "Because you can't drink and derive."
Hi all, I’m Patricia (my name is probably already there). I’m in 4B Actuarial Science double Statistics (last term, yay!) and I’m one of your mentorship coordinators this term. I love food, and food and more food. Fun math quote: NULL.
I’m serving as a mentorship coordinator on the exec team this semester. Actsci club is the place where I got to meet most of the amazing people I know in math. I’m still close friends with many people I first met at one event or the other, and I love it for that! It connects us in ways we otherwise wouldn’t be able to meet by just attending classes together (or not at all for those in different years) . It introduces you to a whole bunch of bright and fun personalities, as well as people to share the rigorous exam and coop process with! We form a community that allows us to work AND PLAY together. It makes being a student in math(the faculty that counts :p) much more of a memorable experience!
My name is Veronica. I love mangoes. I am very bad at board games. If you message Jasper and tell him that his Drink and Derive joke sucks, I will treat you to bbt 🙂 Actsci club execs are not scary, come out and talk to us at the office!
My name is Michael de Jesus, I’m in my 2A term, and am one of the three Event Coordinators for this club! Ever since I was a kid, math has always been my favourite subject and the subject that I’ve enjoyed the most. So, when I learned about Actuarial Science, a mathematical field with huge real-life value that I would enjoy contributing to, I instantly knew I had to be a part of it. Joining this club was an amazing decision, as I got to meet so many people who were just as interested in Actuarial Science as I am. So, make sure to drop by at any of the club’s events; I’m SOAxcited to meet all of you!
Hey everyone! My name is Emmy, and I'm in my 2A term of Math/Business. I joined UW ActSci Club to learn more about the industry and to meet more people who share an interest in the Actuarial Science. Actuarial Science is exciting to me because it allows me to pursue a career that develops both my mathematical and business skills.
Hi everyone, My name’s Jabir and I’m currently in my 2A term in Math DD and I'll be this terms newsletter Editor. In my free time, I like to watch TV shows, play board games, and find excuses not to get work done. I joined the Act Sci club because I wanted meet other mathies interested in actuarial science like me! What I like most about Act Sci is that it’s a challenging field with interesting work. Here’s to a great term!
Hello everyone! My name is Tiger and I am currently a third year Actsci student. I’m pursuing Actuarial Science because I love $$$ and exams. In my free time I like to flock around with the geese while I read up on current financial issues. I enjoy anything game related and I’m a huge fan of OP. I’m also 95% confident that half of the things I said weren’t true. Come find me during office hours and find out for yourself.
Hi everyone! My name is Daniel and I’m a 2A student in the Math/BBA double degree program. I decided to join the Actsci club because actuarial science seems like a cool way to use math and it’s the club where all the cool people are at. A few fun facts about me is that celery is my least favorite food and that I strongly believe that turtles are the coolest animals of all time. “Children shall be referred to as epsilons as they are arbitrarily small positive quantities” - Paul Erdős
Hi, my name is Ryan and I am currently in 2A studying Act Sci and Stats! Aside from my love for math, my hobbies include debate, board games, and procrastinating on linear algebra. As of now, my goal is to become an actuary (surprise!), although I haven’t decided about which field of actuarial science I want to commit to yet. I hope by meeting more people through this club, I can achieve a better understanding of what I want to do. So feel free to drop by during my office hours if you have any questions or just want to talk!